Taking the guesswork out of hiring

SalesSelector is part of the hiring cloud suite of solutions by CallidusCloud (NASDAQ:CALD), is a leading provider of cloud software. CallidusCloud enables organizations to drive performance and productivity across their business with our hiring, learning, marketing and selling clouds.

Callidus Software

CallidusCloud drives performance and productivity for over 1500 leading organizations. Small, medium and large enterprises across multiple industries and geographies rely on CallidusCloud for quicker hiring, simpler learning, better marketing and smarter selling.

SalesSelector is the only hiring solution with a unique combination of social sourcing, video interviewing, sales behavioral and selling temperament testing designed to hire scientifically and rapidly.

Sales Selector delivers a rapid return on investment through:

Increased Sales Hiring Success
Candidates are automatically assessed for their temperament fit for sales roles and compared to top performers to increase the propensity for sales hiring success.
Reduced Hiring Costs and Time
Candidates are rapidly screened, interviewed, and ranked online, without any travel costs, meetings, or scheduling conflicts.
Accelerated Sales Ramp Up
New hires are on-boarded and coached based on identified strengths and weaknesses, so coaching and training programs can be targeted to each individual to increase their onboarding success.
Comprehensive Security and Auditability
Built-in security and audit trails enable compliance for all interviews and hires.
Higher Sales Performance
Ultimately, successful hiring means higher sales performance and revenues.