Find the right people for the job

Hiring salespeople is easy. Hiring good salespeople — ones that are going to make money for you instead of costing you money — can be a challenge. Using a sales test such as our Sales Assessment can help you weed out poor performers when hiring.

Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

Hiring mistakes can be very costly. While you may discover you've got a good salesperson very quickly, it often takes several months to a year before you know you've got a non-performer. By the time you've discovered that the person isn't going to work out, too much time and money has been wasted.

Startling Statistics

Here are some startling statistics that emphasize why you should use our sales test to find the right person.

In their book "How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer" (McGraw-Hill), Greenberg/Weinstein/Sweeney point out that their studies show that of those people who earn their living in sales:

A sales test like ours can help improve your odds of hiring salespeople who fall into that productive 20% category.

Sales Temperament Assessment – What It Assesses

The Sales Temperament Assessment measures the basic temperamental qualities that make up a successful salesperson and determines whether the candidate is suited for your selling situation.

A Measure of Sales Success & Suitability

Using a scale of one to ten, this section of the sales assessment provides two ratings and will tell you:

  • how successful a person is likely to be in sales in general, and
  • how successful he or she is likely to be selling what you want sold

These two ratings are then combined to give you an overall assessment of the person's chances of success.
It will tell you whether the candidate:

  • has the potential to be a top performer
  • has the potential to be a good performer
  • has the potential to perform well with the minimum of supervision
  • may succeed in sales if given the guidance, supervision, and coaching
  • may succeed in sales only if possessing a great deal of desire, drive, and discipline

No other sales assessment provides this type of information in such a succinct format.