Sales Temperament Assessment – What It Is

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The Sales Temperament Assessment is a simple and easy-to-complete online sales assessment test that:

  • Determines whether the person is suited for sales in the first place
  • Indicates what types of selling situations the candidate is best suited for
  • Describes a person's sales temperament
Basically, the Sales Temperament Assessment is used to determine whether a person is temperamentally suited for a particular selling situation.
There's no foolproof way of finding top sales performers. When hiring a salesperson, you are basically looking for three things:

Ability: Can the person do the job?
Character: Does the person have the drive, desire, and discipline?
Temperament: How will the person do the job?

The interview process can usually help you find the answers to the first two qualities. The third ingredient for selling success — temperament — is harder to assess. Because not every person is temperamentally suited for sales, our sales assessment can help you make the right choice.

The Sales Temperament Assessment is a sales test designed to measure the basic temperamental qualities that make up a successful salesperson:

  • Competitiveness
  • Sociability
  • Drive
  • Independence

Temperament vs Character vs Personality

What, you might ask, is "temperament" and how does it compare to character and personality?

Temperament – traits we are born with; it is predisposition, hardwired in from birth.

Character – habits we acquire; developed through the interaction of temperament and the environment; it is disposition, developed over a lifetime.

Personality – your unique personal style; a combination of temperament and character. Put another way, your brain is like a computer system where:

Temperament = hardware
Character = software
Personality = computer system (hardware + software)

Why Test? – Using Sales Test as a hiring tool

Hiring salespeople isn't like hiring for other positions where you can sift through the resumes, conduct a standard hiring interview, and do the usual reference checks. Although this process works well, it is flawed when we use it to hire salespeople. Salespeople represent a different type of hiring challenge.

Hiring Salespeople is Different

What makes hiring salespeople so different is that they're salespeople! And if there's one thing salespeople excel at, it's selling themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes that's the only thing they can sell. That's where sales testing can help. A sales test can help separate the wheat from the chaff, the winners from the losers.